Help Wanted…

I find myself a little over my head with work, and struggling with a couple of with things outside my skillset.

I could sure use the talents of a graphic artist that’s skilled in characters and/or caricatures. I’d like to give the Kite Gnome a makeover. He’s a piece of modified clipart, and I’d like to see him a little more developed. I’ve tried the Fiverr route with little success, and would rather not drop any more coin down that rabbit hole.

I’d also appreciate the short-term help of a website developer, especially one that has experience with specialized hosting and site optimization. This would be primarily advice and consultation, not burning the midnight oil.

The budget’s very tight, but I’m sure we can work something out. There’ll be a cool and exclusive Kite Gnome staff t-shirt in it for you if that helps. 😉  Drop me a line if you’re game!

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