Help Wanted…

The website, shop, and forum are coming along nicely. I feel good about the basic structure that’s in place in all three areas, and now we’re busy adding features and sourcing some killer content. We’re now hosted by a good company on a server that should accommodate the expected (and dreamed about) traffic.

Moving forward, we’ll need help in three areas. First being content creators. This will be mostly one-off longer form articles for the site. I’m open to anything kite-related. Maybe team flying, kite building and design, kite history, festival reports? I’m thinking something more than a typical blog post, but shorter than a novel. 3-5 good pages with wonderful images.  I can help with editing and formatting, but the creative spark is all you.

If you fancy yourself a roving reporter, I’d like to be able to feature interviews with folks from across a broad spectrum of kiting. Maybe talks with shop owners and kite makers. How about a live video from the beach in Cervia?

The second need is for support staff for the forum and website. For the forum, we’ll be needing moderators, whose job will be to police the forum and keep it free of spam and inappropriate content. I’ll also be looking to develop a new administrator in the coming months. Both positions require a level head and on-the-fly problem solving skills.

On the website, we need someone that can help with editing and formatting articles and other content, as well as moderate comments. It would help if this person or persons had basic skills in WordPress or another CMS, but the most important part is having good writing and editing skills. We’ll set up a practice site to learn, explore, and develop to our heart’s content.

The third is for creative partners in the shop (the ‘swaggery’). I’m looking for original and exciting designs for new t-shirts, as well as other kite-related merch. These would be revenue-sharing gigs. Do you make kite earrings? How about a birdhouse shaped like a kite? Hand-carved ground stakes? The sky’s no limit.

If any of this sounds like fun, contact me and we’ll talk!