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Started by Ken McNeill, Sep 01, 2019, 07:03 am

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Ken McNeill

Sep 01, 2019, 07:03 am Last Edit: Sep 11, 2019, 08:13 am by Ken McNeill
Welcome to the Kite Gnome forum! I'm Ken McNeill, founder and administrator of the Kite Gnome project and this forum. You may also know me from one or two of the things I've done 'on the side' over the years. :)

They say that nature abhors a vacuum, and the closing of the GWTW forum convinced us that vacuum had grown large and strong enough that something needed to be done. So, with the help of a small group of like-minded kiters, The Kite Gnome, and this forum came to be. In the next day or so, as time allow, I'll be writing a longer introduction as a journal post on the main site.

A few simple things, as we move forward...

  • This forum uses real names only. That means - real first name, space, real last name or real last initial. You may use a pseudonym or your real name as your username (sign-in), but real names only on the forum.
  • If not the same as your username, set your real name as your screen name by clicking on your name on the top bar and choosing 'account settings' - the second field is name, or screen name.
  • If you would like to display a nickname, you can do that by using the 'personal text' line of your screen profile. Click your name on the top bar and select 'forum profile'. The second text box is 'personal text'. You can see my aka:kmac under my real name.
  • Set up your notifications, profile and account settings - The place to start is the three buttons on the top bar. From there you can control a lot of the interactive functions of the forum, and the way you'd like to present yourself to the world!
  • Treat forum members courteously and respect other people's opinions. The other part of that is to not accept being treated rudely or dismissively. Stay true to yourself and your convictions, but remain open-minded and inquisitive. A good forum is a dialogue, not a collection of monologues
  • When trying to find out how to do something, either about the forum or something about kites, ask your question on the forum, not in a private message. That way, everybody benefits from the exchange of information.
  • Private message (PM) is the place for personal discussions and chat, not the forum. Making lunch plans with a buddy? Take it to PM. Making lunch plans for a group or event? Use the forum.
  • While you're in PM, change the display option to 'as a conversation'. A much improved interface.
  • Don't be a putz. When a newbie asks for the 100th time how to tie a larks head, if you have nothing better to say than 'use the search', keep it to yourself. That person that we're rude to, or dismissive of, is potentially a life-long and valuable member of our community.
  • Don't confuse high post counts with having something to say.
  • Familiarize yourself with the 'rules' (e.g. Swap-meet rules)
  • Posts discussing politics, religion, and any form of hate speech or discriminating behavior are not acceptable and will be removed. The author will receive a warning, and repeat violations will result in being banned.
  • Those that dove right in and made posts have come up against the challenge questions and reCaptcha again. Don't worry, it's only on your first two posts! Sorry to need it, but I'm trying to be proactive about controlling robo-spam.

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