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Started by Robert Hilliard, Aug 21, 2019, 09:27 am

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Robert Hilliard

Snagged this over the summer. Looking forward to flying it soon.

Houtermans' Box Kite

This kite was made by Austrian kite designer, Jan Houtermans. It was originally purchased and flown by Brian Todd who was a local flyer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Brian was an excellent photographer and many of the kite pictures from KTAI and other kite events in the late 1990's were photographed by him. Brian Todd was widely known for his sport kite skills, especially with TrickTail and other Martin Schob kites. He was one of the first of many excellent kite flyers, a local legend in the Bay area.

After Brian's death, his kite collection was later found by a friend and sold to various kite enthusiasts. This kite was sold to Allen Carter, an excellent flyer and kite enthusiast also in the Bay area. Allen eventually sold this kite to me in April of 2019. Houtermans' box kites are now built and sold by HQ Kites. Simple to assemble and fly, it's so well made that it shows off as well indoors as outdoors. Jan Houtermans' winged beauty is breathtaking.

• Wind Range: 6 - 30 mph
• Status - In Production
• Condition - Good

      Robert E Hilliard

Nate Rietveld

That is a cool kite, can wait to see pictures of it flying!

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Steve Hall

yes. I remember that kite well.
Brian Todd was my TrickTail and Utopia mentor and good friend, he taught me to "fly the strings, not the kite".
I inherited Brian's considerable kite collection after his passing.
retired kite flyer


Sort of looks like this.


What a beautiful kite with a rich history. I look forward to hearing about your first flight.
Jim Cook
Rome, Georgia

Steve Hall

Somewhere I have photos of Brian assembling that kite on a visit to Chico.
I just need to find the hard drive they are stored on.
retired kite flyer

David Barnby

Thanks for sharing, lovely kite and oh so good to have a Brian memory ping.

Rick Lemons

One of my first memories of kiting was of a uncle who liked to fly box kites. Obviously not as beautiful as this but it has always been a source of fascination with box kites. Thanks Uncle Richard
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