Forum Registration Problems?

If you’ve registered for the forum, but have not been able to complete your registration because you never received an email confirmation, please do three things. Number one is to please check your spam folder for an email entitled ‘Welcome to The Kite Gnome Forum.’ There is a link in that mail that will confirm your email and bring you back to the forum to log in.

If the mail was in your spam folder, and you’re on Gmail, you may have a black bar indicating that it was identified as spam. Please click ‘Report not spam’ to try and teach Gmail not to dump my mail.

Second, try to log into the forum. You’ll either succeed because I’ll have recognized your name sitting there too long and activate you, or you will get the message that your account needs to be activated. If that happens, there should be a link at the bottom asking to have the activation mail resent. Try that.

Failing that, please email me at and I will activate your account and let you know that you’re good to log in. Thanks, sorry for any inconvenience due to our growing pains.

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